Was invited to feature my work in the print and digital advertorial art showcase in the Artists Campaigns running across the January - March issues - 2021


S/M/L Show 

Santini Gallery - Ottawa Ontario

September 2020


Woven Dreams Solo Exhibit

Santini Gallery - Ottawa Ontario

March 2020

Chicago Art Expo


September 2019

Art In Motion

ARTA GALLERY - Toronto Ontario

September 2019

The Table Restaurant - 

SOLO SHOW - Ottawa Ontario

July-August 2019


Fantasy the Forest Art Show - Kingston Ontario

July 2019


Like Art Show

ARTA GALLERY - Toronto Ontario

July 2019


Signatures Show - Ottawa Ontario

November 2018


Gallery Artists Group Exhibition I 

ARTA GALLERY - Toronto Ontario

May 2018


The Table Restaurant 

SOLO SHOW- Ottawa Ontario

March-April 2018


Dear World Show

ARTA GALLERY- Toronto, Ontario

February 2018


Gallery Artists Group Exhibition II 

ARTA GALLERY- Toronto Ontario

June 2018


RAW Natural Born Artists - Toronto, Ontario

February 2017


A Golden Glow to Light the Day Exhibit 

ARTA GALLERY- Toronto, Ontario 

November 2016


Stewart Park Music Festival - Perth, Ontario

July 2016


Harmony Gallery, Vernissage - Smiths Falls, Ontario

February 2016


Women's Art Festival - Kingston, Ontario  

August 2015


The New Art Festival - Ottawa, Ontario

June 2015

Ottawa Artisans Guild - Ottawa, Ontario

May 2008-2012


Biennale Internazionale Dell’Arte Contemporanea - Florence, Italy 

November 2011


La Petite Mort Gallery - Ottawa, Ontario 

June 2009


Ottawa Art Expo - Ottawa, Ontario 

October 2008-2010