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Leah Hicks, born-1978 

Canadian artist who specializes in Naturalistic Contemporary Art. Her work is a fusion of colors, forms, and emotions that captivate and inspire viewers.

Leah’s passion for art began in high school, where she learned painting and clay from her art teacher. She soon started exhibiting her paintings and clay sculptures in art shows. She furthered her education in Graphic Design at Algonquin College and Life Drawing at St. Lawrence College.

In 2005, Leah faced a life-changing challenge: a catastrophic car accident that left her with traumatic brain injuries. She lost her ability to speak clearly, see normally, and the mobility of her right hand. But she did not lose her love for art. With the help of her rehab team, she persevered and relearned basic human skills. She also taught herself to paint with her left hand, overcoming her physical limitations.

Leah’s resilience and determination paid off. She regained her artistic voice and continued to create stunning pieces. She has been featured in prestigious publications and venues, such as British Vogue, La Biennale Internazionale Dell' Arte Contemporanea in Florence Italy,  the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Art Expos in Chicago and Ottawa. She has also received recognition and awards for her paintings. She has exhibited her art in various cities and galleries, both in Canada and abroad.

She has also had solo exhibitions in Old Montreal at LeHang Art Gallery, Studio 22 Gallery in Kingston, and Santini Gallery in Ottawa. She is represented and seen throughout North America. The artwork has been heavily collected by the Federal Government of Canada as well as held in many private collections.

Leah Hicks is more than an artist; she is a survivor, a storyteller, and a visionary. Her art is a reflection of her journey, her passion, and her spirit.

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