NAME: A Story of Embellishment

MEDIUM: Acrylic and Textile

SIZE: 30 x 60  x 1.5


NAME: Center of Growth

MEDIUM: Acrylic and Textile

SIZE: 24 x 36  x 1.5


NAME: Marble Tales

MEDIUM: Acrylic and Textile

SIZE:36 x 48  x 1.5


NAME: Clear Dream

MEDIUM: Acrylic and Textile

SIZE: 36 x 48 x 1.5


NAME: Mirror Sight

MEDIUM: Acrylic and Textile

SIZE: 30 x 36 x 1.5


NAME: Motherly Love

MEDIUM: Acrylic and Textile

SIZE: 30 x 48 x 1.5


NAME: Symbolic Silence

MEDIUM: Acrylic and Textile

SIZE: 30 x 36  x 1.5


NAME: Soft Words

MEDIUM: Acrylic and Textile

SIZE: 30 x 48  x 1.5


NAME: Time Warp

MEDIUM: Acrylic and Textile

SIZE: 30 x 40 x 1.5


NAME: Finders Keepers

MEDIUM: Acrylic and Textile

SIZE: 36 x 48 x 1.5


Through catastrophic brain injury and resulting trauma comes a channel of expression from

which I create my artworks.


Having an education in art, I have learned skills such as Life drawing, Still Life, Shape, Principles and Elements, Colour and the Fundamentals. This has given me a successful career as a 

well-established professional artist.


I tell a story with each work of art, with a beginning, middle and ending, leaving you with a

feeling of unity. It resembles maturity as it flows of peace and tranquility. Having the focal point

made up of different values and contrast allows your eye to be carried all throughout the piece.


My paintings are balanced in an asymmetrical way. Gradients are produced throughout each

piece by the use of saturation. I achieve depth by adding layers of secondary and tertiary colours over the colour with the darkest hue. The darker hue adds a subtle amount of contrast while it captivates the interest of the viewer with lighter shades and values. Using textile as my medium for texture works very well as I have a background in sculpture. I can mold and form it until I have it precisely placed. I achieve similar and consistent compositions by using this same process of application.

I also offer commissioned pieces of visual art with a chosen colour scheme and style. In the past, the customer has been delighted with the final product.

Was invited to feature my work in the print and digital advertorial art showcase in British Vogue Magazine’s January issue, with a campaign running across the February and March issues - 2021. I received an Honorable Mention in the Marianne Van Silfhout Art Gallery at St. Lawrence College, for the painting ‘Shield’. 

My work is represented and seen throughout North America and I have participated in various regional art shows as well as having been honored to participate in The Florence Biennale, in Italy and the Chicago IL USA’s Art Expo. 

I have had my work mentioned in numerous documents and literature. My artwork has been heavily collected by the Federal Government of Canada as well as held in many private collections and in many countries.


I continue to challenge myself to create a multi-dimensional world on a two-dimensional stage

in order to achieve depth and emotion in each piece. I call this technique 2D Sculpture.

 Featuring this artwork named 'Silent Flight'
Silent Flight Socety6 4inone.jpg

​Through art I am the instrument that performs for you.


© Copyright Leah Hicks, Any reproduction is prohibited.