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The way I implement art is based on experience and realities that

I have discovered on my forty-some years of life.

Take My Breath Away 36x48.jpg

Take My Breath Away #410

478-Lands Before Time 30x60.jpg

Lands Before Time #478

511-Infinite Time 24x48.jpg

Infinite Time #511

Through catastrophic brain injury and resulting trauma comes a channel of expression from

which I create my artworks.


Having an education in art, I have learned skills such as Life drawing, Still Life, Shape, Principles and Elements, Colour, and Fundamentals. This has given me a successful career as a well-established professional artist.


My work is represented and seen throughout North America and I have participated in various regional art shows, and solo shows in Montreal, Ottawa, and Kingston as well as having been honored to participate in The Florence Biennale in Italy, Chicago USA’s Art Expo, Toronto’s Arta Gallery’s Modern Woman and London Vogue. My Artwork is currently being shown in Prestigious Galleries across Eastern Canada.


I have had my work mentioned in numerous documents and literature. My artwork has been

heavily collected by the Federal Government of Canada as well as held in many private collections

and in many countries.


I continue to challenge myself to create a multi-dimensional world on a

two-dimensional stage in order to achieve depth and emotion in each piece.


‘Inspiring the mind, exploring the depths of the subconscious landscape’ | | 1+613-816-0879

​Through art I am the instrument that performs for you.


© Copyright Leah Hicks, Any reproduction is prohibited.

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